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Basic Principles to Follow for Success at Selling

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While a variety of methods and techniques exist in being successful at selling your services, truly effective market persuasion is based on your attitude toward the job and customers. The most important element of this attitude is your degree of enthusiasm in helping people to fulfil their needs. This is the foundation for building effective communication techniques. Enthusiasm is a condition in which an individual is filled with excitement toward something. Excitement does not mean an aggressive attitude, but rather a positive view toward solving the customer’s problems.

To be highly successful you need to go all-out to help the customers. Strive to make the customer feel important. Show the customer that you are there solely as a problem-solver. Do this by developing methods of expressing true interest such as asking questions instead of talking to the customer. This attitude will benefit you by allowing you to look at the service offering from the customer’s viewpoint (empathy).

Here are a few considerations:

  • Be truthful and follow through on what you tell the customer. Do not dispose of your conscience when you start work each day.
  • Maintain intimate knowledge of your firm, its products and your industry. Participate in your company’s sales training and take continuing education courses.
  • Speak well of others, including your company and competitors.
  • Keep customer information confidential; maintain a professional relationship with each account.
  • Never take advantage of a customer by using unfair, high-pressure techniques.
  • Be active in community affairs and help better your community.
  • Think of yourself as a professional and always act like one. Have a professional attitude about yourself and your customers.
  • Provide service “above and beyond the call of duty”. Remember that it is easier to maintain a relationship than to begin one. What was worth attaining is worth preserving. Remember, when you do not pay attention to customers, they find someone who will. The professional salesperson never forgets a customer after the sale.