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How to Conquer the Fear of Selling

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FIRST and foremost, you must admit to having call reluctance. Acknowledgement is a major step toward recovery, but it is not an easy move. Denial is the most frequent companion of call reluctance, and the problem is sometimes hard to identify. Salespeople “typically know something is wrong, but they may not know what it is,” says behavioural scientist and call reluctance expert George Dudley. “Many who do know they are experiencing sales call reluctance don’t feel secure admitting it to management, because many sales organisations still tend to feature a cult-like, unrealistic emphasis on maintaining a positive attitude,” Dudley explains.

SECOND, determine your call reluctance type and adopt appropriate countermeasures. The numerous prescriptions often involve clearly and specifically identifying your fears or negative thoughts. Then you can tackle them head-on, one at a time. In a sense, curbing call reluctance is like breaking a bad habit. Some salespeople find token reward systems helpful; others use relaxation techniques. In one countermeasure known as thought zapping, you place a rubber band around your wrist. When a negative thought intrudes, you snap the rubber band sharply and immediately conjure up a positive mental image of yourself – recalling, for example, a time when you did well in a similar situation.

THIRD, follow up, keep plugging, and make calls. Taming call reluctance is work, and for many salespeople, it takes continuous effort. “Do not confuse a change in your outlook with a change in the number of contacts you initiate with prospective buyers,” Dudley warns. If you are called reluctant, take heart in the knowledge that your problem actually may be a sign of commitment to selling. “Salespeople who are not motivated or goal-focused can never be considered called reluctant” says Dudley. Salespeople with authentic call reluctance care very much about meeting prospecting goals. “You simply cannot be reluctant to get something you do not want in the first place.”

Click here to view a video that explains overcoming the fear of selling.