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Customer Service vs Selling

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If you see selling skills as contradictory to providing customers with excellent service and caring for their needs, then you have fallen into an easy trap.

Selling skills is a matter of fact complementary to customer service and care. If the customer walks into your business, they have a specific need and if you deliver excellent service and provide them with the products they need, you are selling them the specific need. They might not know the product well and if you sell them an add-on, that will increase their satisfaction level of the product, and then you are not only employing selling skills but are delivering excellent service. When you deliver the basics of customer service and care, the process of selling a product and closing the deal becomes a natural part of the interaction.

Quick rule! If you have sold something that will genuinely satisfy the needs of the customer, then that customer will buy from you and your firm in the future!

It is important to remember that people buy you first before they buy the product! How you present yourself, your integrity and the service you render are the foundation to selling any product!