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Helpful Hints for Customer Service

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PEOPLE buy into PEOPLE first - Every time you answer a call, you are projecting the image of your company. You are the front window of your company.

Paint word pictures - Even though we know what we mean, when we paint a picture, the “picture” the listener gets is TOTALLY different.

Smile and be friendly - It sets a positive mood to the telephone call. It raises trust and lowers tension. It leaves the customer with a good feeling.

Be a good listener - It is the only way we can really know what the customers need, want, desire or require, and then how to match them effectively. Write information down, always have a pen and paper handy. Remember how important it is to record the details of each and every call.




Let the client have his say

Argue mentally

Concentrate - keep an open mind

Jump to conclusions

Ask to question/clarify



React to the person

React to the situation



“hear” only/listen selectively

Listen intelligently

Focus on the irrelevant

Focus on the relevant

Use the customer’s title and name - Address clients courteous and professionally by using their appropriate title, followed by their surname (Prof/Dr/Rev/Mr/Mrs/Ms, etc.)

Control the dialogue - “He who asks the questions, controls the call.”