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Planning a Moderation System

Completion requirements

The following table details questions to stimulate thought when planning a moderation system:


Will all registered standards be moderated?

Will all candidates be moderated? If not, what percentage?

Will all assessments be moderated? If not, what percentage?

Will all training programmes be moderated?


Who will conduct the moderation?

(ETQA moderators, private consultants, agents of the ETQA, professional bodies?)


How will moderation be done?

Moderation of assessment methods, instruments and materials

  • before assessment?
  • post assessment?
  • both?

“Rolling” over a five-year period with moderation of different aspects each year?






COST? Who will pay?

Cost-effective ways of moderation

Reports and Evaluation?

What system will be put in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the moderation system itself?

Who provides information?

To whom? (Internal moderator, external moderator, ETQA?)

It will be necessary to plan for the moderation systems to evolve and develop. This will require changing the methods used over time.

The range from which one or the other combinations of methods is used, could include:

  • Revising exemplars of assessments and benchmarking materials against established criteria.
  • Doing statistical moderation.
  • Conducting external assessments which will serve as a moderating instrument and could possibly justify fewer moderations.
  • Common assessment activities and assessment guides.
  • Having external moderators undertake site visits.
  • Having external moderators conduct panel meetings.
  • Establishing site consultative committees.