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The Principles of Feedback

Completion requirements
  • Criterion-referenced - this means you should clearly be able to link the feedback that is given to a specific assessment criteria number in the unit standard that is being assessed.
  • Purpose-oriented - this means that the feedback should serve a purpose, and not just be cute statements like “Good effort and good luck Sally!”
  • Objective
  • Set in clear, understandable language (on the learner’s language level)
  • Explanatory
  • Positively inclined
  • To the point (short and pithy)
  • Indicating the difference between a learner’s attained level of outcome (goal/skill/competency) attainment or achievement and the set outcome (goal/skill/competency) that serves as a standard against which the attained level of achievement is assessed (measured)
  • Supplying guidelines or indications for improvement
  • Motivational