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Reviewing the Assessors Interpersonal Skills

Completion requirements
Communication Skills

Ask the following and get proof of:

  • The assessor asked questions that were clear and did not unfairly lead the learner towards the answer.
  • The assessor gave feedback relating to the learner’s performance only.
  • The assessor gave feedback within an agreed timeframe.
  • The assessor provided feedback on all outcomes and all assessment criteria.
  • The assessor provided constructive feedback in instances of a learner being ‘not yet competent’.
  • The assessor provided for sensitive handling in instances of the learner being upset or nervous.
  • The assessor listened effectively.
  • The assessor clarified or confirmed his/her understanding wherever necessary.
  • The learner was made aware of the outcome of the assessment and the reasons for the decision.

Did the Assessor Show Good Conflict Management Skills?

In most cases, this would be very difficult to see, unless there was, for example, an appeal against the outcome of assessment. In this case, it should be clear that the assessor communicated with the learner about the reasons for the outcome of assessment and also show how they plan with the learner to get the learner to competence, through, for example, action plans.

Did the Assessor Record Information Effectively During and Post the Assessment?

It must be clear that:

  • All documents are signed and dated.
  • That evidence is logically filed.
  • That an assessment judgement was made.
  • That feedback was given to the learner and received back from the learner.
  • That there is review of the assessment process.