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Purpose of Meetings

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A meeting is a gathering of two or more people to discuss matters of mutual concern, and to take and implement any necessary decisions relating to these matters.

The main purpose of meetings is decision-making and problem-solving. In this way employees have a chance to voice their opinions, which is an important aspect of participatory management.

Meetings should be conducted in an effective and efficient way to avoid loss of productivity, frustration and conflict. A well-run meeting encourages good business communication and personal contributions.

In order to avoid losing production by consulting all the members every time a decision has to be made in regard to a minor matter, a managing committee is normally formed which will be able to speak and act in the name of the organisation and on its behalf in respect of minor matters that can arise in the course of a normal day. For major matters it will still be necessary to convene the general body of members, in order that a decision thereon may be arrived at.