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Convert Forms of Cultural Resistance

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We often think of a racist as being an active bigot who tells racial jokes and engages in violent physical acts (these actions are an example of overt racism). The more subtle and covert acts of liberal, international unintentional racism maintain a system of racial superiority. The following are some behaviours which fall in this category:

Invisibility - Ignoring. Failure to acknowledge another person who is not of the same race as you.

Colour Blind - "I don’t even think of you as black/white.” The assumption that this is a compliment thus perpetuates the myth that it’s not “okay” to be black/white. 

Dominance/Paternalism - Ease of whites in taking charge. Difficulty with relating to blacks in positions of authority.

Defining the Other - Defining who or what a typical black/white person is and what their experience is/has been, without listening to them on these issues, i.e. making assumptions.

Denying Differences - Comfort of Whites in accepting black people who talk and act like whites.

Assuming Things are Better - Failure to recognise that although the legal framework of racism has been largely done away with, subtle racism still exists within people, between communities and across differences.

Fear of Assertiveness - Hesitancy of people of different race groups to engage in confrontative dialogue. Fear of giving feedback on performance appraisals/assignments.


Click on the link below for a self-awareness questionnaire that will assess your diversity tolerance.

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Self-Awareness Diversity Questionnaire

Diversity Tolerance Interpretation