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The Equity Continuum

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In order to understand at what stage of diversity transformation your organisation finds itself, the Equity Continuum, developed by Trevor Wilson in his book ‘Diversity at Work’, is a helpful tool. The tool is also helpful to assist organisations to grow towards and beyond an integrated diversity management system.







Moving beyond compliance

The Business Case

Integrated Diversity

Global Employer of Choice

Reactive approach

Avoid negative consequences of non-compliance

External pressures to implement

Beyond representation

Do the ‘right thing’ for disadvantaged groups

Enhance public image

Isolated diversity initiatives on high visibility programs or actions

Appointment of minorities/woman to high visibility positions

No integration into aspects of HR management and organisational culture

Recognition that managing diversity can yield positive business benefits

Moving in a direction to attract and retain the best diversified workforce

Identify barriers to diversity and develop HR strategies that encourage and support a diverse workforce

Benchmark and adopt best practices

Internalised diversity as an integral part of the organisation’s culture – diversity is a value.

No longer debate the value of diversity.

Diversity is embedded in the culture, its programs and products

Continually breaking down barriers

Experiencing the financial and non-financial benefits of diversity

Viewed as an employer of choice

Foster diversity beyond the organisation’s own boundaries, to community, national and global imperative

Anticipate and eliminate emerging barriers

Experience financial and non-financial benefits

Recognise the needs of diverse stakeholders and expert affiliates to embrace diversity and merit principles

Are committed to long term, far reaching impact on their organisation and the global community