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Environment Management Plans

Completion requirements

To ensure that all environmental impacts are considered when planning a feedlot development, it is useful to develop an Environment Management Plan (EMP) for the feedlot property. This plan may also be valuable in the approval process for feedlot developments in environmentally sensitive areas.

The primary purpose of the EMP is to document how the feedlot development will impact on the relevant environmental factors and how those impacts may be mitigated and managed so as to be environmentally acceptable.

The Environment Management Plan should detail the methods and procedures which will be used to achieve the planned environmental targets and objectives. The plan should allocate responsibilities for the various requirements and should also address both short-term targets and longer-term objectives.

Click here to download a handout that explains checklist for developing an Environment Management Plan.

Managing Liquid and Solid Wastes from Feedlots

Feedlots must have a wastewater management system, and this system must be operated effectively in respect to all wastewater generated.

The runoff control system must be able to prevent the runoff from

  • leaving the feedlot property
  • infringing the separation distances
  • degrading surface or underground water
  • causing the uncontrolled build-up of nutrients in the runoff or effluent disposal areas

Click here to view a video that explains the feedlot runoff management.

Click here to download a handout that explains the information about managing waste in a feedlot.