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Communication Process

Completion requirements

Communication can be defined as the process of a sender transmitting a message to a receiver with mutual understanding. The 3 goals of communication are:

  • Influence
  • Inform
  • Express feelings


In a target-driven call centre, the agents tell the customer the benefits of purchasing a product, thus influencing the behaviour of the customer. Within a team context, agents influence each other and create a healthy, competitive environment, thus meeting/exceeding client targets.


The agent takes ownership of the query and informs the customer of the result.

When the agent offers assistance or provides information his goal is to inform.

Express Feelings

People often express their feelings verbally.


“I am very upset with your poor delivery service.”


“I am angry that no-one has attended to my query as yet.”

Positive expression of feelings leads to open communication.

Human beings are so accustomed to communicating with people around them that they take the communication process for granted. Communication is a complex process that needs to be understood. When the process is understood, people are able to improve their skills, whether verbal or written and become more effective as a communicator.