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Telephone Anxiety

Completion requirements

Write yourself a script. Practice it. Memorize it. Stick to the script so you don’t have to think so much. Learn to take notes word for word of what people say. When someone answers you, write down the answer. Finish the task. Go into your next question. Make the caller follow your pace. Some people rattle off a million things expecting you to remember 50 details.

Don’t worry about it. Set the pace you are comfortable with. Eventually you will get the hang of it and it will become more second nature. Could take months, so don’t worry about it. Do your best each day and that’s always enough, your best can vary from day to day. It’s like that for everyone. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting it right. It doesn’t really matter. The person is barely going to remember the conversation after they hang up the phone anyways. They get what they want from the call and move on with the next thing in their lives. Believe me, other people focus on you a lot less than you think.

Click here to see a video that explains five tips for overcoming phone anxiety.