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Closing a Call

Completion requirements

Phone calls happen a couple of different ways. In either situation, sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to bring them to conclusion. Here are a couple ways the calls occur.

One way. The conversation is obviously over and neither party has a good handle on how to wrap things up. There are a couple of awkward silences, each person waiting for the other to put an end to the call.

Another way. It goes on and on and on... You have covered all the important element at least three times and the other person continues to repeat and repeat over and over or continues to chatter on. How to put this call out of its misery?

Here are ways to politely and professionally end a phone call, whether it is with a customer, employee, friend or family member.

  1. “I don’t want to take too much more of your time, is there anything else before I let you go?”
  2. “I know how busy you are, I will follow up with you on this (on specific date, time, call or meeting)”.
  3. “I am going on to my next (project, meeting, appointment, customer) and let you get back to your day.”
  4. “Before we end this conversation, let’s make sure I understand…(repeat main points and close the call)."
  5. “I’ve got to get going, can we talk more about this when I see you (at the next meeting, on specific date and time)?”
  6. “I’ve got to leave here in five minutes. Can you (repeat or sum up) your most important points?”
  7. “Just one more thing before we both hang up, (state your last thing and close the call)."

End it cordially, productively and on a high note with a sense of conclusion.