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Call Monitoring

Completion requirements

Call centre managers should have enough data from which they can draw valuable insights. They should follow a strategic approach while selecting the calls to monitor for quality assurance and training purposes. Though it is not possible to monitor each and every agent-customer interaction manually but selecting a random sample of calls will not provide accurate data and view of agent’s performance either.

Managers can gain a comprehensive view of calls and improve call quality monitoring with the help of speech analytics system which records all the calls and monitor call-quality in real-time. Or else, can think strategically while selecting the calls to monitor. They can prioritize the calls based on its criticality and importance. For example - calls handled by agents who are beginners and new to the system, calls catering VIP customers and high-value prospects, calls of customers who require a solution or frustrated customers who had bad experience with the brand.

Call centre managers must listen to the complete conversation between the agent and the customer in order to measure the agent’s performance properly and judge the call quality. The manager should assess if the call can be categorized as a quality interaction. Quality interaction can be described as below:

Have a Wonderful Opening – The first few seconds of the call is of utmost importance as customer develop their perception based on that. It is appropriate to use a friendly tone that assures that agent is there to help the customer. If the agent is able to make the customer comfortable, they will be in a better position to state their problems and ask for a solution.

Facilitate a Connection – Call centre agents should establish a connection with the callers by exhibiting friendly gestures and a willingness to solve their problems. They should show care and concern towards the customers and respect their time.

Referring to the customer’s past interaction history will provide the agents with enough information to have a personalized and smart conversation.

Ensure Problem Resolution – The customers are calling for some purpose and need a solution to their problems. The agents should take complete ownership of the call and try their best to resolve the issues, even if it requires them to transfer the call to another department or escalate the call to a supervisor.

Do not Forget the Closing – Handling the close efficiently is critical or else the entire effort to make the caller’s experience satisfying till now would go waste. The customer should leave the interaction feeling that it was a great experience and look for help in future as well. The agent can offer some additional assistance and ask if the customers are satisfied with the solution to give a perfect end to the call.