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There is a saying, “Attitudes are contagious - is yours worth catching?”

My attitude is the only personal quality I have control over. I cannot help the way I look, if I am short or tall, but I can control the way I feel. Only I can decide to feel good and have a winning attitude.

Work is a big part of our life. There are exactly 168 hours per week. If we are at work for about 42 of those hours, that is one-quarter of our time and 100 percent of our income results from that quarter. We are going to be at our desk for the same amount of time, whether we are watching the clock or working hard and doing a good job.

Good workers are successful and stand out, earning raises and promotions. A positive attitude is like a magnet for positive experiences in life. Like any other habit, developing a great attitude takes effort, practice and hard work. But, is it worth it? A great attitude produces great results in life. An average attitude produces average results and a poor attitude produces poor results.