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Manage Emotions – Yours and Theirs

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Customers with problems tend to take their frustrations out on the other person (you). This is the case in service situations, particularly. However, even a mild-mannered customer ringing up to request product information might become frustrated at the length of time they have waited in the queue and thus appear angry when they eventually get through.

So, it is important that the customer-facing person knows how to deal with angry or frustrated customers without getting into an argument or allowing them to moan and complain endlessly, wasting time. Once the customer has let off steam, the problem of the enquiry can be dealt with effectively.

This involves sympathising with the customer, without being too timid or becoming patronising. It means acknowledging the customer’s feelings, letting the customer know you understand the problem and re-assuring them.

Once the customer-facing person can demonstrate this, s/he will be able to proceed to resolve the customer’s problem.