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Have a Feedback Loop

Completion requirements

Create an employee feedback system. An employee feedback system is an organised way of noting employee job performance behaviour and sharing that information with the employee. It is a system whereby you and your employees can mutually check on the quality level of customer service as performed by the employee.

An employee feedback system that supports quality customer service focuses on:

  • Customer service behaviour.
  • Sharing of information.
  • A mutual give-and-take of ideas.


A customer service feedback system must focus on what the employees do, how they act, and what they say, in order to produce defined, observable and measurable results. It is not a time to dwell on intangible personality characteristics. The behaviours that you are after must be job related and reflect your quality customer service standards.


Employee feedback systems do nothing to reinforce desirable customer-service behaviour unless customer-service employees are  always fully aware how they are doing in the eyes of management and the customers. This is the the principle of “no surprises”. When you follow this principle, you make sure that all information regarding employee customer performance is readily and openly shared with employees.

Mutual Give and Take

An employee feedback system that works is not one where the boss does all the talking or whose perception is always right. And employee feedback system that supports quality customer service must allow and nurture a two-way exchange of ideas and perceptions between the manager and customer-service employees.